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Up Grade Your Life – Live Event offered once a year!

May 26th-28th 2017,  Calgary, AB

Could Your Life use an Up Grade?

Perhaps you are ready to take a few days out of the year and discover Why you do what you do and How you can make changes in your life. You might know people who have clarity in their life, live their life with passion and operate from a sense of purpose. What do they know that you don’t?


Hi, I’m Jaden Sterling and it is my mission to provide quality training that benefits you personally and professionally so that you can live a life of freedom.

In my twenties I was highly career driven…I earned a high six-figure income yet, something inside of me (a gut feeling) told me there was more for me in life. It was an odd feeling especially since I had all the trappings of success: an expensive car, a big house, European vacations, lots of money in the bank and a highly successful career and yet, I felt lost and empty.

I yearned to know myself on a deeper level and to experience a life of contribution rather than consumption.

Can you relate?

Maybe you have already made the leap from your job and are ready to discover your…calling. No matter where you are on your journey please know you can Up Grade your life from right where you are. We all have a different starting place in this process yet; during the weekend course you will move the needle in your life beyond what you thought possible because the course is experiential. You will experience the material rather than just listen to me talk.

Studies show when you experience a teaching and learn for yourself after one month, you retain 80% of the information as opposed to only 14% by just listening.

This course will Up Grade Your Life whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, healer, coach, light worker, or employee you will get tremendous benefit from the weekend. 

How? Let’s start with a basic premise that you may or may not be aware of… everything in your life that you don’t personally take charge of happens by default?  Think about the magnitude and the accuracy of that statement for a moment.

That means if you are not actively engaged in your life, living each day with clarity and on purpose, your life is happening automatically

Reminds me of the movie, “Groundhog day” remember when Bill Murray kept having the same experiences each day to the point he knew exactly how his day was going to unfold? No surprise there! Does this sort of thing only happen in the movies or is it possible something like this could be happening in your life, right now?

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A Place

We all — to a certain extent, live life on autopilot and we experience the same routine consistently: waking, working, eating, watching TV, surfing the Internet, and sleeping. Then we get up the next day and repeat the process. Deep down inside we know this repetitive rinse/repeat cycle isn’t fulfilling nor gratifying.

In bed, late at night we stare at the ceiling, dreaming of a different kind of life, a life where we are more ALIVE, ENGAGED and FULFILLED.

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Client Testimonial

“Training with Jaden is like being brought into a magical metaphysical fold. The water tastes a little cleaner and a little colder because you are suddenly tasting it with your entire self; your mind, spirit and body. You are bringing your whole self together, chatting with your ego as long lost friends, finding new and great tools that will last you a lifetime and even better becoming at peace with one and all in your environment. If I get an opportunity to take another course and the timing is right I will be there with bells on!“ ~ Susan E.

What if that life you are dreaming of can become your reality?

What if you had the power to take charge of your life and not live by default anymore, how would your life be different?

Would you get excited about waking up in the morning because you had purpose and clarity? Would you be more present with your family? Would you take a little more time walking the dog and stop to smell the flowers? Would you feel more alive, joyful and peaceful?

How would you change your day-to-day life?

What could you create that is new and exciting?

jaden sterling

Now… take a deep breath… and ask yourself: What could your new life look like? 

In our vast universe at each moment exists an infinite number of possibilities, are you aware that what you are experiencing in your life is due to what is stored in your subconscious mind?

That’s right, your subconscious mind directs 95% of your behaviour whether you know it or not.

Which means…95% of all your behaviours, thoughts, actions (or inactions) are happening because of your past experiences!

Now, if you love your life then great, you don’t need to change a thing!  

However, if you know your life can use an Up Grade then my question to you is: When will the time be ‘right’ for you to change your life? Seriously now…you could be reading this and saying to yourself, “yeah, yeah, I know my life needs to change but I can do it later.” Does ‘later’ ever come?

I have another question for you: Do you think your life will change automatically? Fair question, right? Previously, I said,  “What you don’t take charge of happens by default.”

The only way you are going to change ANYTHING is you must be at a place where you are FED UP!

When you reach the place of being fed up…then you have a shot at changing something in your life. Only you know when that is, only you can decide how much you can take before something NEEDS to change!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.36.02 PM

Maybe you’re there now… so fed up

you could scream or pull your hair out!

If you are at that place, maybe a good scream would help. At the very least you will release some pent up emotion and frustration, which will actually make you feel better. So go ahead…let it out!

Now, do you feel better? Let’s continue.

Emotions are powerful and if we aren’t careful, they have the ability to completely run our lives. Maybe you’ve even experienced a time or two when your emotions got the best of you; perhaps you recall a time when you reacted badly to a situation that you still regret. Regret is another emotion that seems to trip a lot of people up.

Fear is another biggie too and literally stops people in their tracks. In fact, fear is the #1 dream stealer, it robs us of our joy, vision, dreams and passion. It’s what keeps us playing small and not taking steps to live the life we are capable of.

Fear makes us question ourselves, doubt our abilities, over think and over talk.

Self-doubt if left unchecked can lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. If you’ve ever suffered from these afflictions than you know first hand how awful they are!

There is good news, the good news is: self-confidence and self-esteem are learned traits. That’s right, you can learn how to become more confident, self-assured and self-aware.

During the Up Grade Your Life workshop you will learn and experience more self-esteem and more confidence, which in turn allows you to do things differently than you have in the past. Imagine you, more confident, able to speak your truth without worry.

At this point, can we agree that there are probably a few areas in your life that need an Up Grade? Are you also starting to see, that in order for change to happen in your life you need to take charge?

If we are in agreement then lets consider your options.

Option 1:  do nothing, which will guarantee you have the same experiences again and again.

Option 2: get fed up and declare you are going to make some changes but you aren’t quite ready right now, which will give you the same outcome as option 1, and that is: nothing will change.


Option 3: You are fed up and READY to make a change in your life.

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If you said a resounding…

to option 3 and are ready to Up Grade your life then great!



It would be my pleasure to assist you along your path so that you can start living the kind of life you were meant to.

Here’s the deal…I’ve helped countless numbers of people make profound changes in their life. People who have taken my courses have started new businesses, left jobs, increased their income, doubled their net worth, and found more joy and passion in their life.

It’s amazing what happens when you start believing in yourself and start being a leader in your own life.

Here’s where you need to take some action, you need to show up, be fully present and join us for an amazing transformative weekend.

During the weekend you will gain Clarity, Focus and Confidence to pursue your goals and dreams. Plus you will walk away with a renewed sense of JOY, Passion and Purpose to start loving your life again!

Throughout the weekend you will:

say yes  Learn How to Think Through Any Situation Quickly & Clearly

say yes Learn Leadership Skills to Apply Personally and Professionally

say yes Raise your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (single fastest way to achieve success)

say yes Discover How To Tap Your Inner Knowing Every Time Quickly & Easily

say yes Network With Amazing Men & Women

say yes Work in Mastermind Groups to Help You Move Projects Forward and Much More. 



 What’s being said about the course

upgrade your life with jaden sterling

“Jaden kick-starts my motivation, moving me toward feeling more blessed with my current situation, opening my eyes to my dreams and desires, and helping me shift around anything that is blocking my success and happiness! Even an hour working with this amazing man has a profound effect on my motivation, focus, and personal and professional success!” ~ Michelle E.

“Jaden’s commitment and dedication creates a safe and accepting place to go beyond your state of comfort and truly grow. The group atmosphere enables learning as a community and creates a positive energy to move. Thank you Universe for bringing Jaden’s dedication into my world.”

~ Cori G.

“This course is an opportunity. It is a gift to myself and I believe that absolutely anyone can benefit from being around Jaden’s energy. This weekend gave me new tools, reminded me of who I am and how spectacular I am and also how worthwhile it is to take time for me. Jaden is a vibrant person who is sharing his gifts-I am so grateful that I have had this experience- It is an indicator that I am drawing in big things! Thank you thank you!” Kyla B.

“This was an excellent learning experience. I have created value in my personal life, my business and in my world by applying what I have learned from Jaden’s courses. Within six months of taking Jaden’s course I manifested $70,000. Powerful, moving and life changing describes what is in this course. I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity to take this course.” Tiffany G.

“Course is life changing! To be given permission to love myself again and to rediscover the joy of feeling like a child again is the most amazing gift, thank you Jaden, from the bottom of my heart!” ~ Owen E.

“Just wanted to give you an update on the amazing things that have happened since the Upgrade Your Life course.  Within the first day after the conference I was already using the pre-paving technique in my coaching  ‘Life Strategy Session’!  I worked with another client to work through her Core Values in pre-paving her new business.

Things that have been on hold for many years are finally moving forward, my coaching programs are filling up and my live events are a huge success. My life and business are more productive than ever and I attribute a lot of this to learning and working with your “Pre-paving” technique.

Your course has given me a stronger sense of understanding myself and other people, so thank you!!  Everyone is so positive and helpful and they are all calling me!” ~ Heather Driedger,  www.heathershealthcoaching.com

This weekend will truly change your life!  I believe everyone can benefit from taking this course so I am removing the #1 excuse that stops most people from taking action and that is price.

You can experience this weekend course for only $379.00 Payment plan available just contact us.

Imagine…what your life will be like when YOU:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.50.59 PM

Life will get fun, easy and much more joyful!  Join us for this amazing transformative weekend.

Click on the Sign Up Now button and lets get you started on the path of making some changes, it’s YOUR Time!

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Success is a natural byproduct of passion and purpose. When you can think clearly, focus on what matters and silence your inner critic miracles can happen for you. Join us for a transformative weekend designed for you to make powerful changes in your life.


Please sign up early to ensure your spot!

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Looking forward to supporting you on your personal and professional journey!

Jaden Sterling

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What if I am an introvert and uncomfortable around people how will the exercises work for me? 

Jaden is extremely sensitive to introverts since he is one too! Please know, during the course you will be in a safe environment and cared for.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, for each event 2 scholarships are offered. Should you desire to attend yet earn less than $30,000 a year and are ready to change your life then please email us for a scholarship application (proof of income required). For those working for a company attendees have been able to get reimbursed for the course since it contributes to your personal and professional development.


What are the hours of the workshop?

Saturday morning we start at 8:00 AM and go until 7:30 PM lunch is 60 minutes and starts at 1:00 PM, you are advised to bring healthy snacks if need be. Herbal tea is served in the afternoons.

Sunday class starts at 8:00 AM and ends promptly at 4:30 PM lunch is at 12:00 PM.

If you are catching a flight, Calgary airport (YYC) is a five-minute shuttle ride, please schedule flights after 6:30 PM MST to ensure you don’t miss anything.

What is your cancellation policy? 

Cancellation Policy: if cancelled more than 90 days of the event 5% fee (credit card processing fee) will be deducted from your refund. Cancellation between 89-60 days of the event 50% will be deducted. Refunds will not be given to those cancelling within 59 days of a live event or within 3 days of a webinar or teleseminar. When less than 59 days notice is given you can apply your tuition to future Courses Trainings Coaching or Webinars within a 12- month period after paying a $75.00 administrative fee.

After 12 months you will need to enroll again at full course tuition no exceptions.

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