The New Economy: Part 5 Your Activation


Greetings! Hope you are enjoying the wonderous time leading up to the day of Activation.

Have you noticed a shift in people around you? Perhaps people are being kinder, more caring and more compassionate? One would think the holidays bring the “good” out of people.

However, there is something more unfolding here … always is.

As you and those around you ALLOW for the holiday spirit to shine through, you create an opening for a transformational shift that starts this week.

The day of “Activation” starts December 26, 2015.

The activation allows for more of you … your purpose, passion, and creativity to unfold. As you ALLOW for your activation (allowance happens by you acknowledging your inner gifts and taking baby steps for them to unfold) you will assimilate more of this information and energy into your physical body, which then assists your emotional body to make changes.

Change happens more easily now, especially in areas of your life that NEED change. No longer can you ignore, turn a blind eye, or procrastinate when it comes to your larger purpose unfolding.

You are here on the physical earth plane now because you agreed to usher in this incredible time of transformation for yourself, loved ones, community and world.

Your ACTIVATION comes from your ASSIMILATION of subtle feelings, energy, inner guidance and worldly wisdom that you feel deep within. All of which requires self-reflection.

As December 26th approaches, take some quiet time to sit and journal asking:

  • What am I deeply drawn to?
  • What does my heart want to express?
  • What have I ALWAYS wanted to BE, Do or HAVE?

Trust what comes through and write, without interruption until you feel…complete.

Your clear intentions (created by journaling) are given wings and will take flight!

On December 26th you will feel the energy of expansiveness, knowing, and truth – all of which brings forth your activation.

Trusting means taking action so that your inner can become your outer. Dreams locked within the hidden recesses of your mind and heart wish to finally see the light of day!

During this time, the curtains are flung open, light illuminates the darkness and a ladder is given to your deep inner knowing as a means to climb out and experience a new reality.

Your activation will create more for your life. A life that you were always meant to live … your destiny!

During this week take notice of what makes your heart flutter and your soul sing, and allow for new to come to you. Your activation will combine the old with the new.

The old and familiar is your deep-seated passion. And the new are: people, experiences, and things to assist you to bring forth what is meant to be.

In conclusion, your activation becomes an assimilation of long held dreams, desires and visions with new, expansive energy to bring into the light what has always been inside you!

This will be a fun time for you. See what comes forward …

  • A new business?
  • New relationship?
  • New products?

Chances are whatever comes forward won’t be a huge surprise!


Stay AWAKE during this time of ACTIVATION and see how the universe is by your side guiding you to share your gifts.


Be brave and bold during this time!


Happy Holidays to you and yours,