The New Economy Part 3: Freedom of Expression

How was your week of cleaning out and releasing clutter? 

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read the last post from the New Economy Part 1 & 2, first.

Did you find you could easily let go of things you’ve held onto for quite some time? I found it amazingly easy to let go of things I’ve been holding onto for many years. If you missed last weeks article on “The New You” and how you can best prepare for the New Economy you can read it here You still have time to release stuff that no longer serves you. December is the month to release and let stuff…go.

This week the focus is on freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression for: Self, Ideas, Beliefs, Creativity and Knowing are the foundation for which this new economy is taking form. What are you innately feeling drawn to be, do or have? The things you feel drawn to now are a good indicator of what will unfold for you during the New Economy.

Don’t be surprised if what you are being drawn to now is vastly different than what you were drawn to in the past. There may be some overlapping elements from the past yet; for the most part, what unfolds for you in the New Economy will be just that…New.


Let’s talk about each aspect for freedom of expression. The first is…Self. You are given this incredible time to evaluate what freedom means for you on all levels.

Perhaps freedom for you means: you live within your means, do work you love, start a business, grow your business, have wonderful health, romance, love your life, travel, be independent, call your own shots, or say no to what no longer serves you.

That’s the wonderful thing about this time…YOU get to decide what freedom means for you, which can be very different than what freedom meant to you in the past. This process can be easy and fun if you allow your higher self to guide you.


To easily connect with your higher self, I suggest taking some quiet time this week with paper and pen and asking yourself, “What does freedom mean for me?” Then with your non-dominate hand start writing the ideas, feelings and impressions that come to you. No need to sensor what comes…simply, write.

When you feel complete then you know you are finished. This exercise will be helpful to do before we go to the next part, which is: Freedom of Expression For: Ideas.

To have the ability to fully express your ideas it is essential to first…Allow. Allow for new ideas to come to you, without discarding or dismissing them right away. Remember these ideas are new so you might not recognize them. Let that be ok.

Invite In New Ideas

First step in this process is to invite ideas to come to you. You can invite ideas in by ASKING for them.

Asking for new ideas is simple…within your mind, ask, “How do I___________________? You fill in the blank.

We can apply that question to the above examples. How do I live within my means? How do I attract work I love? How do I start a business? How do I grow my business? You get the idea.

Then wait and see what answers come to you. Within minutes you might be led to: read an article, attend an event, phone a friend, or take a class. Trust where you are led and see what unfolds from there.

New ideas are sometimes challenging to recognize because they are NEW.

Here’s what I like to do with new ideas.

First, I invite new ideas in by asking: “How do I_________________________?

Second, I wait to see what ideas come.

Third, I see if the ideas that come are applicable to my original question.

Fourth, if the idea IS applicable, I write it down and then ask for reinforcement, in the form of more new ideas.

The process is fairly simple. When you find an idea that is meant for you, treasure the idea, and make it feel welcome so it will stay and invite its friends.


Beliefs Affect Everything…

The next step for freedom of expression to consider is: beliefs. Beliefs are those things that are unseen yet affect everything. Beliefs are like a computer program running behind your screen, unseen yet, contributing to what you see on your screen. What you see on your screen is due to the program running behind the screen. You work very much the same way and your beliefs determine what shows up in your life.

If you like what is showing up in your life then, great! Keep your beliefs, however, if you don’t like what is showing up then consider a belief upgrade!

To up grade your beliefs is simple…Change them to something more supportive. If you desire to live within your means then believe you CAN live within your means. When you form a new belief you can start thinking of yourself and your abilities differently. You will say more supportive things to yourself throughout the day and only allow thoughts in that support you achieving your desires.

Consider yourself a gatekeeper, allowing only supportive thoughts and beliefs to enter you through all areas of input. Your areas of input are: mind, eyes, ears, and mouth.

Being diligent regarding what you allow in, especially this week will be life transformative! This week is your opportunity to allow in only the highest and best and substitute low vibration things with high vibration things instead. Perhaps consider less sugar and more higher quality food. I know it’s the holidays and it can be challenging because cookies, cakes, and junk food are everywhere. However, you do have a choice whether you choose the sugary junk food or items from the vegetable platter.

You might want to take notice of what your beliefs and thoughts are during this time too. Do you believe you can’t make a better choice? Do you tell yourself, “Why start making good choices now, it’s the holidays and I want to enjoy myself.”

Fair enough, perhaps you consider the strategy: Everything in moderation?

After some practice this will become easy and habitual and then wait to see your life transform in front of your eyes!

Next week, I will cover the two other aspects for Freedom of Expression: creativity and knowing.

Your opportunity this week is to journal about what freedom means to you, invite new ideas into you and evaluate your beliefs. Wow. Lots to do; please know I will be doing all of this right along with you!

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Have a great week!