The New Economy Part 2: Preparing For The New You

Preparing For The New You
 Last week’s blog about the New Economy prompted a huge response…for the most part people simply wanted more information yet, for some it brought up concerns about their role in the New Economy.
I’m guided to write weekly about this topic, so please be patient…I promise to share the information I receive with you! This week I share how you can best prepare for the New Economy to reap the many benefits it presents. Benefits extend far beyond the material and ultimately allow for an easier and joyful way of living.
Let’s begin…
December 26th 2015 is the “Day of Activation.”  I’m not an astrologer, however, I’m being intuitively guided to know this day is most auspicious and there will be shifts and changes with the planets and universe for the activation to take place.
These external shifts allow for internal changes to manifest more easily. It will feel as if a way has finally been made for you to reach your inner truth. Think of your life as a play…December 26th marks the completion date for what was needed behind the scenes to make your play a success. Behind the scenes work hasn’t been easy, there are wars, fear, anger, hate, tension, and calamity that affects everyone.
However, simultaneously people have raised their consciousness and love, peace, compassion, faith, trust and joy are also heightened and circulating freely among our planet. This circulation of higher energy has created an opening and generated momentum for your higher self to transform during this unprecedented time.
Will you show up or hide?
Your inner truth’s and inner gifts; if not already revealed, will make themselves known during this time. To have the confidence to step on stage and allow the spotlight to shine on you, inner changes need to happen first.
This week your opportunity is to purge! Clean out, clear out and discard what no longer serves you. To learn how to do that effectively I recommend Marie Kondo’s book:  to/1XBaFvU” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” shape=”rect”>The Life Changing Magic of Tidying UP. This link also allows you access to the audio book. I listened to the audio book a half dozen times before I fully embraced her process and it works!
Purging old, outdated, unsupportive, unfulfilling ways of being, doing and having will serve you greatly during this time. Take inventory of what no longer serves you, which happen to be things that don’t feel good and aren’t working for you. Give gratitude for what they have brought you and taught you then…let them go! Let go and surrender into the process, trusting all is unfolding as it should.
If you need assistance with this process of releasing, I highly recommend, “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer. The book will inspire you to fully trust, embrace and allow what shows up for you to be okay. All formats, including audio can be found at: to/1XBbG7j” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” shape=”rect”>The Surrender Experiment.
Your opportunity this week is to push past your comfort zone and learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable during this unprecedented time of evolution and change.
You might start with noticing when and where you are uncomfortable. Is it certain areas of your home or work? What is contributing to you being uncomfortable? Is it clutter or stagnant energy in your physical space? Or is it old, out dated beliefs from yourself or others that are now stifling your spirit?
Avoiding purging, cleaning out and de cluttering of your personal or professional environment stops the New You from coming forward.
Move through the process one breath at a time and one thing at a time. Including but not limited to: clothes, shoes, books, paper, toys, tools, sports equipment, knickknacks, magazines, and etc.
Releasing and letting go of the old will bring in the new on all levels including: Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and vibrational are to be considered as this new paradigm unfolds.
After all, the “New You” is the cornerstone supporting the New Economy. As you set aside what no longer serves you, your attention is turned to what can and will serve you.
Starting December 26, 2015 there is no more hiding. You will no longer be able to stop yourself from sharing your inner gifts, passion and purpose with others. The world needs what you have and the time is coming for you to share your gifts.
Soon it will be up to you to take the stage. Your performance depends on you and your abilities including your level of preparedness. What do you need to improve, know, heal, or change to best prepare?
Ask and answer: What speaks to your heart? What moves you? What inspires you? What fills you with joy?
Inner reflection: What is inside you that wants to see the light of day? What inner knowing do you have that you haven’t fully embraced yet due to fear or self-doubt?
Your opportunity this week is to let go of: stuff, clutter, old beliefs, mental and physical weight to best prepare so that you can be fully activated starting December 26, 2015.
Stay tuned as more is being presented weekly.
Your Partner For Success


Jaden Sterling


PS Amazing book on surrendering to life and all the good for you:  to/1XBbG7j” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” shape=”rect”>Check out Michael’s book here, you’ll love it!