Helpful Reminders to Thrive in Tough Times


The following is a transcript from a live event I spoke at hosted by Self Connection Books in Calgary, AB. The event was an evening of channeling with my spiritual team, called,

The One Voice.

The One Voice is a collaborative voice of high vibration, white light beings including: ascended masters, angelic presences and even Source. They share messages that empower and enlighten people to live more productively with ease and grace.


During this turbulent time, we hope you find comfort and clarity in their words… Enjoy!


                                                         Opening the Channeling Process

Jaden: I want to thank the universe for bringing us together tonight and for setting a space and the clarity in this room for crystal clear channeling, for my guides to opening me to my seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. So that every message that is coming through to me is crystal clear that there is no miss interpretation of anything and everything is for each person’s highest and best. I ask that each of you open up your channels as well so that the information that comes to you is what you need for your highest and best. Perhaps there is a question on your heart about your, life, your business, your health, your relationship.


In order to connect with  higher realms, you have to meet them halfway, so I raise my vibration as they lower theirs.



                                                        Raise Your Vibration

You could simply raise your vibration by thinking happy thoughts, by smiling from the inside out. Take in a deep breath and then I visualize a channel that’s open in the top of my head. Open wide, open to the universe, to my guides and my team that are coming through this beautiful information to share.



                                                   You Are Loved & Blessed

THE ONE VOICE: We are ready to begin. Welcome each and every one of you, thank you for being here. We’re looking forward to connecting with each of you, your higher selves. And we see that you have questions, many of you have many questions. First step we want you to know is to relax in this process, to know that you are deeply loved, you are highly blessed. You’re here for a reason, you’re here tonight for a reason but you’re also here on this earth for a very specific reason at this time. It’s deeper than what you’re telling yourself, it’s deeper than the knowing that you have. And tonight we’ll discuss that, we’ll discuss the depth as to why you’re here and what you’re here to do. So we’ll call forth one of you who has a question. Neil


Question: Neil: What more of me needs to come out to bring more love into the world?


                                                         You Are Love

The One Voice: Beautiful question. You are plenty to bring more love into the world. It’s the process of which you go about it that can be improved. The process is to first feel that love in your heart, to focus and radiate the energy from your crown chakra and throughout your body, in your auric-space and ask that the energy and space around you be magnified into such a way that is touching more and more people. Your working too hard at that process, it is not work, it just a matter of allowing that feeling of love to flow through you. And ask for it to be magnified. Your team is wanting to work more with you, ask for their help more, ask them to do things. Open doors for you touch lives; expand your love into areas that are in the far recesses of the earth to touch every human. And as you touch each human have that human touch another human. And it creates an effect that at the end of the day, you say wow, there is love on this planet. There is love in people’s heart and there is a high vibration that people can connect in with. And as you walk through a room, be mindful of that because you already exude that focus and that energy and that love. You are love.


                                           How to Release and Manifest

If there is concern or too much focus is given in an area, that diminishes your strength. So what you’re bringing to this situation whether it’s business, relationship, career, transitioning from one business or out of corporate to your own thing. So it’s a matter of releasing any kind of expectation that you have around your life situation, release that. Jaden learned this just yesterday walking on the beach in Florida. He had said all week long, I want a sharks tooth, I want to find a sharks tooth and he was obsessed over it.

He asked for guidance and we came in, and said, remember the way you manifest, you manifest from your knowing. Jaden said “right I need to know ok, right now I know I’m going to find a sharks tooth. My belief is very strong” and they said, then you let go of expectation and I let go of expectation. Then the next part was to believe, to absolutely believe.


As they continued our walk on the beach Jaden’s wife wife said, “Oh I want to take a picture” and they stopped and took a picture and Jaden looked down and there was a shark’s tooth.

                                The Journey is All About Relationships

So the universe is always bringing us what we need and what we desire. And people in our lives are showing us what to do as well. They are showing us the steps to take and we need to honor that. Not enough of us are honoring those steps that we need to take. The people that are in your life are there for a reason.

You may say how do you know that? How can that be true? It is true, they are there to show you something within you that needs to be healed, that needs to be elevated. And if there’s something that you do not like in your loved one it’s because it exists within you. It’s a very simple formula here on earth. We are in a situation here that is all about energy and vibration, relationships, love. So it’s allowing you to step into that vibration and loving yourself. Each of you can have a very deep connection with your spiritual team.


                                                  Clear Clutter

It’s a matter of clearing the clutter as they like to say, clearing the mental clutter, the physical clutter in your space. The things that you tell yourself that aren’t loving. That needs to be removed, stop that. When you stop that then you can choose another thought, another feeling. Allow for more to come to you and when you allow for more, you just need a slight opening a very tiny space they show me, a slight opening, for them to slide in the energy of what you truly desire.

                                      How to Stop Resisting…

The next thing is to remove the resistance around what you desire. Everyone is resisting, stop resisting. How do you stop resisting? Well you trust, you show up, you believe, you have faith, you honor who you are in this incredible adventure that’s called life. Honor yourself, honor your gifts and then you make a new decision. And the new decision must do with whatever it is that you want it to have to do with; work, relationship, love, family, children, pick a topic it’s all the same because it’s all energy and vibration.

And as you elevate your consciousness and energy and vibration, you bring to you instantaneously that which you desire. Automatically there is no resistance, there’s going with the flow, no longer fighting the flow.

How often do you need to fight the flow?

Many of you choose all the time. (Laughing) You fight the flow.


So allow for that fight to end, wave the white surrender flag and say I’m finished fighting the flow. And then your team can step in and work with you so that you’re now part of the flow, you’re no longer fighting against it, you’re no longer resisting the flow.


The flow is natural, resistance in unnatural and you know when you feel this, don’t you? You know when you feel it in your gut, heart, throat or mind, throughout the body. Your body is sensing and telling you what it is that you need to know. The direction that you need to go in, trust that, trust that direction, trust that information because it is already yours. It is already flowing to you, why not become part of it and when you do that life becomes easy.


                                           Life Can Be Easy

And how do you make life easy? Some say, “It’s so difficult.” There is nothing difficult about it, once you understand these very simple rules and laws. And there are laws just as simple as stop at a stop sign. That’s a law but many of you choose to continue to break the laws. Start honoring yourself and the laws and when you do that, you’ll see, your entire life will shift and you’ll say to yourself “wow I had no idea it could be so good. I had no idea it would be this easy. I had no idea it would be this fun”.


And when you allow for that, that is when you’re tuned in to the source that is in you, Sources in each of you, call it source creator, call it whatever you like, All That Is, is a part of you, you are a part of source. It’s not outside of you, it exists inside you and when you’re connected with that part of you there isn’t anything that you can’t, be, do or have. Life can be silly fun if you allow it.

Jaden keeps saying, “my life is so good and then it gets better”. We’ve been working with him for a long time though; he’s had to overcome a lot as well.


                                     Choose a New Path

We all have experiences in parts of us that we need to overcome. What is easiest is to embrace that part. Embrace that aspect of you that is fighting against you. When you embrace that, you then tend to look into it to see the message it has for you. And that message could be as simple as, why don’t you consider a new decision this time? Instead of going left like you always do. Why don’t you try going right and see what happens Instead of fighting in business and working and struggling?


Why not consider walking through the open door, that’s already there for you, rather than bashing down walls? Consider the easy path, we always encourage that. It is not the lazy path. The divine easy part that flows is one of simplicity and grace in this the path that is already laid before you, before you incarnated into this earth plane. It is a path that is abundantly joyful and abundant in all ways and it’s also the path that you chose to be a part of before you incarnated. And then you lost your directions.


                           When You Lose Your Way…

So its getting you back on that path and we say to you it’s so simple to get back on the path. It’s making a new decision; it’s trusting within you and having the belief in you. That’s the number one way to get back on the path, is to have belief in self, yourself and what you desire and if your belief in self isn’t large enough. Then believe in something greater than you, like the universe or source or lady bug or plants or tree, it doesn’t matter. But believe in something greater than you, something that you can truly connect in with and then watch for the guidance that it has for you. It’s there to guide you. No need to walk through life as if you’re walking into a dark room blindfolded all the time. There’s no need for that. The lights are on, your eyes are open and when your eyes are open to this truth that’s deep inside of you, you can never go back and live the other way because it won’t feel natural. It will fell unnatural and in the unnatural is where struggle exist, where pain exist. The natural state of beingness is in perfect health, harmony, joy love, abundance all of that is for you at all times.



                                    You ARE Blessed

The universe does not discriminate and say Joe needs to have more money than Jim or Jane, no each of you are blessed. But you’re forgetting to tell yourself on a daily basis how blessed you are and we give a simple easy mantra. And that is: I am highly blessed, I am deeply loved and I am highly favored, if you say that every day. I am highly blessed and deeply loved and highly favored, then the things that show up in your realm and in your space will exhibit those exact qualities of blessing you and loving you.


It’s a very simple, easy formula if you allow.


                                                  Let Go

So discover within yourself what holds you back form asking those questions within you. Discover what stopped you from repeating those simple words to yourself each day and trusting in you. That is the most important thing, is to trust in you and in your abilities and then let it go, let it go, let it go, LET IT GO and when you do that the pressure comes off.


                                    Universe is Waiting on YOU

Stress falls away and you say to universe” show me the best that I can stand” and then take it up another notch. And that is what you will experience because you’ve said that’s what’s in your heart. You’ve been clear with the universe and speak directly to your inner self, directly to your inner self. Your body responds to your words, your body will do what you want it to do. Tell it what you want it do.

Your cells are listening and waiting for your direction. They are waiting to hear from you what you want of them, just as the universe is too. It is waiting for you to tell it what you truly desire.

Most of you are holding back your desires, most of you limit your desires and you say to the creator of the universe “oh I just have a parking ticket, you know, could you take care of this for me”. The universe says, what are you saying I can move mountains for you. You’re saying “no I just have this little parking ticket please take it away”.

                                                                 Ask for More

So raise up your standard and your asking of the universe and of yourself, lift those up, make them bigger. There’s no need to live small anymore. There is a time now that exists in the universe, right now that whatever your heart’s desire and make it as big as you can, will come to fruition. It says if a Genie is knocking at your door and saying, “Your wish is our command”. The question is, are you willing to open the door? Let that Genie in cause that Genie is you, you are of the universe and you are the universe, you are all of that. So as you elevate your ability to play within this game called life, then you elevate the results that you bring to you. How do you elevate, simple, ask. Raise your vibration get to the point that you’re no longer willing to settle for less than you desire.

No is a complete sentence, say no to what you don’t desire. When you learn to say no to what you don’t desire, you invite in to you what you truly desire.


                                                     It’s OK to Say…No

If you find that something or someone is not a vibrational match in business personally, professionally, say no to that person. You’ll do them a service as well, say no. Then they can go find someone who’s a vibrational match with them. And then you’ve called in the universe, you’ve said, I’m not willing to settle for this. I’m not willing to do that. I am willing to raise my standards and live life in a way that I was meant to live, in the flow, in abundance, in joy and then you allow.

And then you let it go. That means, when your fists are clenched; you open your palm and you say…I trust, I am of this energy and I am here to do that which I desire.

If you’re doing something right now in work that you don’t love, quit your job, quit, quit. And do the thing that you absolutely love because now there is energy available to you, just step in to your higher purpose, right now, that has never been here before like it is now. This is all about transformational times and higher purpose energies. The doors are wide open for you; you just may not be looking in the right direction. So trust in yourself, meditate do those things that silence your mind. The mind that keeps putting forth negative thoughts, silence that mind and ask, well what would I desire? What is for my highest and best? What would fill me up every day to do, to be, to have and it’s from that place that you get to choose your life experiences.


                                                Achieving Grace

And when you’re in that state of, we call it grace, in that state of grace, in that state of knowing and beingness. You literally can create something out of nothing.

Any uncertainty that you have within you, breathe that out. Let that go, trust in the direction that you are moving in. If you find that things are difficult, rejoice in the difficulties. Be glad for the difficulties because they are showing you that you are right on your path.


                            Embrace Difficulties, Forget Struggle


Difficulties are different than struggle. If you’re in something where there is struggle, then reconsider that thing. Look at it from a different way; struggle is not the energy of grace. Ease and grace are meant to go hand in hand. When things are difficult that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get through them, you will learn as you get through any difficult situation, that there is more for you beyond that difficult situation. At times it may just be for you to appreciate the good times. That’s why the difficulties come in and other times they may be to show you that there is more, that needs to change in that situation. Trust that but move through it, so many of you pull back from difficulty. If things don’t happen easy, over night, you pull back. Then we say to you keep going, keep moving through that time that feels difficult. And keep trusting and calling on your team because as you move through that energy it will change who you are on a cellular level, to the point that you’ll be so much stronger. And that’s what the world needs now. They need strong, healed people, who are moving in a powerful direction and doing what it is that they love to do. Doing what is in their heart and of the highest vibration.


                                          Life Gets Easier…

And when you do that, you’ll find the world beats a path to your door. You’re no longer having to struggle and stress and strain. The people come to you, the business comes to you, the relationships come to you. All of that comes and allow for that. Let go of the resistance, the resistance is strong and it’s strong within you and you know it is cause you say “I’m not moving in that direction because I did that before and it didn’t work out” and you stamp your foot and you pound your fists and you become resolved to stop.


                                        Forgiveness Sets You Free

Let go of the past, the past is in the past on all levels personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, whatever other ways. And you say, that’s easy for you to say, let go of the past, but you don’t know what that person did to me. And we say, let it go, let it go.

Holding on to old energy is keeping your vibration low and keeping you stuck. If someone did something to you in the past, just know that it was the best that they could do at that time. That was all they had to work with, trust that and forgive them. Forgiveness is a gift that you give yourself; it has nothing to do with any other person in your past. Let the past go, we see too many people almost eighty percent of the planet, holding and living in the past. Eighty percent, if eighty percent is living in the past that is not enough to move this energy and planet in a positive, loving uplifting way FORWARD.


~The One Voice

Via Jaden Sterling