Finding Freedom In Your Second Fifty – Documentary

Finding FREEDOM in Your Second Fifty is being labeled the new “SECRET”. But this secret isn’t about attaining something you don’t have; this secret is about realizing what you do have, and the potential that lies before you. In this inspiring, uplifting film, Frank Moffatt has assembled an amazing cast of healers, coaches and philosophers that will assist you as you embark on this magical journey into Your Second Fifty.  Jaden Sterling was recently filmed for this documentary. 

FINDING FREEDOM in Your Second Fifty is an inspiring 30 minute documentary, that after watching will ignite your fire for Your Second Fifty. You will understand the dangers of limiting beliefs, how we attain them and how we can remove them and live an amazingly positive, productive, happy, and healthy second fifty!    Your Second Fifty ~ Rising Above the Fears of Aging is an hour and a half, full length, feature film that goes into greater detail on each of your five dimensions.

Check it out here.