The wealth and wisdom deck consists of 44 cards designed to assist you on your path of living consciously and abundantly. Each card introduces a concept that serves as a reminder of what is needed for you at this time based on your specific question. Next, is the action steps to take and when completed will assist you in developing the aspects within yourself that will allow for your wealth and wisdom to flow. The cards are amazingly accurate and are easy and fun to use. Simply ask a question and pull a card ,you don’t need any special skills to benefit from their guidance. Consulting the cards daily will serve as a reminder of the importance of looking within so that you won’t go without.

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 What they say

“The cards are amazing! I recommend them to everyone. They exceeded my expectations! I thought I was inspired before, but after reading a few of these, I realize, I’ve only just begun. The ideas are fresh, and the direction you are taking us, with them, is up!!!

Thank you, beyond words.” Jodi S.


Money Manifestation CD

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Jaden’s holographic voice and soothing music will assist you in experiencing a deep state of relation for you to clear your money blocks and heal your money wounds. The daily affirmations are set to specific tones to help you maximize your success.

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Spirit Guide Connection Meditation

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Jaden’s holographic voice coupled with soothing music assists you in reaching a deep state of relaxation. Once relaxed you will be guided to connect with your Spirit guides who will share their support and guidance.

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Money Magnet Meditation

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Relax, unwind and magnetize wealth fast! This guided meditation will take you deep into your subconscious allowing you to unleash your inner money magnet! Most effective if listened to in a relaxed setting and certainly not while driving.

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Downloadable WEALTH & WISDOM Oracle Cards

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You were born with everything inside of you to live a spectacular life. That’s because true success has more to do with following your gut instinct and intuition than special skills or higher education. It’s about letting go instead of grasping, following your heart more than your head. Read all about the “alchemy” of true success in this award winning, breakthrough book… then begin your own journey to the life you’ve always dreamed of. The time is NOW and it’s up to you!

Clear Obstacles with Ganesha