Got Your Money Glasses…

Money Meter is 9 today. Money says, “Imagine  a pair of glasses that when worn allow you to see life abundantly, richly, and prosperously. How would you see life and business differently when wearing your money glasses? Would you act differently if all you could see is abundance around you? Would you take more risks? Would you invest more into your business without fear? Would you leave a comfortable dead end job? Everyone can have their very own pair of money glasses…All you need is a change of perspective. Start looking for abundance around you and you will be amazed at what catches your eye.” ~ Money

We can all use a change of perspective at times. Money makes it sound so easy. Heck, maybe it is this easy…let’s all put our money glasses on today and find out. Have a great day! ~ @jadensterling88 #abundance #moneymeter