How to Make Sure Life’s Lessons Come Easily

Life’s Lessons: Do They Have to Be Difficult?

Ever wonder what makes life easy or difficult? Are you perplexed when life is clipping along and all-of-a sudden; something happens, that completely takes you off course?

How is it that…one minute you’re headed in a direction and then BAM, and accident or injury occurs and your life…abruptly changes? When a course correction happens to you, ever ask…Why?

Gentle Lessons Come First

Even if your life clips along, at some point you will experience powerful change. Very few get to skip life’s class and skate through life on a “hall pass.” Since you are still here on earth that means you have lessons to learn for your soul to evolve and grow.

To grow, change is required. Change comes about two ways, either from you or something happens to you.

Easy and gentle guidance to change comes frequently. It’s likely you receive guidance daily, in the form of: signs, messages, internal promptings, fleeting yet powerful ideas, inspired thoughts and many other ways.

Perhaps a persistent thought in the back of your mind is trying to get your attention. It’s that little voice within, reminding you to: slow down, take a breath, make a change, look for another job, get a check-up, take a vacation or any number of things that would serve you.

Too often we ignore that quiet, persistent part of us until it’s too late. Lack of early detection on our part and our inability to change what isn’t quite right, gives the universe no other choice but to intervene; ultimately changing our path for us.

Ignore or Heed Warning Signs?

As previously mentioned, you are given multiple clues and given many chances to make changes…easily and on your terms.

If I were a betting man, I would bet, you could look back and think of plenty of times when you knew something in your life needed to change. Yet, perhaps you were too busy, too focused/distracted or too lazy to make the changes yourself. We’ve all been there!

Plus, it’s easy to erroneously think the early warning signs are unimportant due to their gentle nature. So…we persevere…ignore them, until we are so far out of balance the universe must intervene to restore…balance.

Warning signs ignored, in comes the proverbial “2×4” experience to get our attention and/or stop us in our tracks.

 What Happens When We Don’t Spearhead Change?

Change happens…if not by our volition than by the universe on our behalf, yet it doesn’t feel that way when going through it. When change happens to us, it can feel like our life is out of control and that we are a victim.

It’s awful! Yet, what choice did we give the universe? After all, we ignored the early warning signs that change was necessary.

Since we did nothing to change our situation, the universe intervened to get our attention and create change!

 Next Step…The 2×4:

You can’t miss the 2×4, no matter how asleep, due to the trauma it creates. Its sheer force will abruptly and forever change your life.

The 2×4 experience can show up as: loss of income, health crisis, car accident, divorce, bankruptcy, loss of a business or ___________ (you fill in the blank.) Essentially it is a traumatic experience that serves to wake you up or stop you in your tracks.

This traumatic event leads most asking, “Why did this happen…to me?”

The ‘why’ is simple, you ignored the early warning signs and chose to not make changes.

That might be difficult to hear, yet think about it. What happened in your life when you stayed the course (knowing it wasn’t the right course) rather than course correct?

Or when you tried to fit a “square peg in a round hole?”

Or because of fear you pushed in a direction that wasn’t for your highest and best.

Believe it or not, the 2×4 is usually the last resort and comes (only after) gentle warning signs are repeatedly ignored.

This is when circumstances happen that can leave us feeling like a victim. However, we need to see our role in this process; we allowed for life to become out of balance and now the universe is doing its job to…restore balance.

Trauma: The Beauty and the Beast

Recently I injured my knee. An injury that literally stopped me in my tracks, unable to move forward. Bed ridden I searched deep within as to “why” this happened. It didn’t take long to figure out I wasn’t taking care of myself, pushing hard on all fronts: emotionally, physically and mentally. Ignoring the warning signs: sensitivity around my knee joint, inner prompting to stretch more before and after workouts, shoulder pain from stressing the joint and utter exhaustion. I pushed on, until…I couldn’t.

Initially, all I could see was the trouble and trauma my accident caused. I was in constant pain and wanted someone to “fix me.”

Can Someone Fix You?

 The week following my injury, I saw an ER doctor, chiropractor, sports massage therapist and Osteopath, declaring before each visit, “they will fix me.”

Improvement was slow. The miraculous healing I was hoping for from healthcare professionals didn’t happen. The longer I stayed in bed the more frustrated I grew.

However, one morning I awoke with clarity…my knee was going to be fixed by me and I knew where to start.

Confusion Creates Misalignment

Downtime allowed for me to think. Knowing I had to get to the root cause of my “accident.” I replayed the situation in my mind, remembering a disempowering thought I had the second before my “accident.”

My disempowering thought created confusion in my mind and body. I was literally holding two opposing ideas inside simultaneously. The first, a disempowering thought and the second, powerful actions of moving forward in life.

In that moment, I confused my mind and body which led to misalignment and my body didn’t know whether to move forward or stay stuck.

So both happened, simultaneously…my left foot planted while my knee rotated.

Healing Anything Starts From the Inside, Out

 While recovering, I experienced long periods of quiet contemplation, soon it became evident…healing can’t be rushed. Rather, accepting and doing everything I could to assist my knee to heal became priority #1.

Being Type A personality, I soon realized I could be proactive while healing. I got extra sleep, ate anti-inflammatory foods and only allowed for alkaline thoughts. What are those you ask?  Alkaline thoughts are thoughts which have healing properties.

I noticed when I only allowed positive, supportive, peaceful thoughts to enter my mind and therefore; my body, my knee felt…better.

 Think and Grow Well

 Fearful thoughts were felt instantly in my knee and contributed to instability of the joint. I knew I had to take dominion over my thoughts so I came up with a mantra that I repeated, continuously:

All is well

All is unfolding perfectly

All is happening for my highest and best

I said this out-loud and to myself so often that I believed it! Soon, I changed my thinking from being a victim to a victor! I became peaceful with my predicament and in turn I noticed improvement in my knee.

Peace Clears the Path for Change

 Being peaceful with your circumstance regardless of how bad things might look or feel will allow for you to get through your situation faster. Peace for me came when I surrendered to my situation and allowed for it to be ok.

I stopped asking, “why” and started asking, “what lesson(s) do I need to learn from my accident?” This new question allowed me to look at my situation differently which in turn led me to relax rather than control the process. I sort of became a Type B personality for a while, simply allowing for the process to unfold. Yet, I still didn’t fully see the “gift” in my circumstance until a bit later and WOW what a gift it was. Keep reading, I’ll get to that in a moment.

Patience Precedes Trust

 Discussing this topic with my wife, brought interesting in site. She said, patience leads to trust. I said, “Patience, I don’t even know how to spell that.” Her reply…P a t i e n s e. Ha ha. We laughed then the reality of what she said slowly sunk in.

I don’t know about you, but patience is the LAST thing I have going on. If you are like me, you probably struggle with having patience too.

My path to patience began by releasing control. I released control by acknowledging the universe had something else in store for me and I trusted all is unfolding perfectly for my highest and best.

This new way of thinking allowed for my traumatic experience to transform from beast to beauty.

Trust Transforms…

 Fully trusting, allowed me to see the many benefits of my injury. I had time to work on my book, to rely on the help of others, to move through life more slowly and easily. To learn not to push, rather to flow with what life gave me. No longer was I resentful for what happened ‘to me’ rather I was grateful for lessons and personal growth that came from the experience.

Soon the words flowed freely: I am so grateful for my accident; it changed my life for the better.

I meant it.

Grateful or Resentful?

 How about you? If you are currently going through a difficult time, are you grateful or resentful?

Makes you think doesn’t it?

If you are resentful what good can come from that? Resentment is closely aligned with resistance. As you know, what you resist persists. So, it makes sense that what you resent persists in your life until you find yourself completely out of life’s flow.

Getting back into the flow of life is as simple as being grateful for all experiences whether you planned them or not.

Your 30-day Challenge…

 In a world rife with 30-day challenges…perhaps a new 30-day challenge can be for you to identify the gentle nudges from the universe and follow them. For the next 30 days acknowledge all the clues and signs the universe has for you and act on them. Notice how when you make changes, the 2×4 isn’t necessary any longer. Are you up for the challenge?

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