Is Money Cheating On You?

Is Money Cheating on You?

Crafted by Jaden Sterling

Do you often feel cheated when it comes to having money in your life? Do you feel like money is unfaithful to you and calls on everyone else but you? Do you often wonder why some people have lots of money while others don’t?

In this brief questionnaire you will quickly know whether you are inspiring money to cheat on your or to remain faithful.

Money Q’s:


1) Are you generous with money?                                                     Y or N

2) Do you feel secure with money?                                                   Y or N

3) Do you like money?                                                                         Y or N

4) Are you comfortable with money?                                               Y or N

5) Do you honor your money commitments?                                Y or N

3 “Yes” or more: Money has no reason to cheat on you!

2 “Yes” Money is on the fence and is reconsidering the relationship.

1 “Yes” or less: Money has one foot out the door, and is looking for someone else to be with.

Regardless of your answer, we can all do better when it comes to money!

Let’s figure out how you can be a better partner to money and inspire it to stay; and invite its friends, shall we?

Are You Generous With Money?        

The fastest way to money’s heart is by letting it do well by sharing it with others who need it. Money hates being locked away and not able to come out and play! When you share your money you allow it to go out and tell all its friends it’s found an amazing host who “gets” it. Which inspires more money to come find you.

Do You Feel Secure With Money?  

Money loves confident and secure people. Most mistake money with security and frankly, money feels misunderstood when that happens. Money is inspired to visit people who have vision and take action not who are waiting on it to feel secure!

Do You Like Money?

Money is more likely to stay around with people who like it and dare I say, “love it?” Think about it, are you drawn to people who like you and love you? Money feels liked and loved when it is acknowledged and appreciated. After all, what you appreciate, appreciates. You can start a practice of appreciating money by thanking it when it comes to you.

My daily mantra is, “I love money and money loves me.”

Are You Comfortable With Money?

You know when you are uncomfortable with money when you spend it as quickly as you get it. People, who are comfortable with money, allow it to hang out with them. They allow for it to accumulate in their investment account, checking account, and savings account and even in safes. However, there is a fine line when it comes to savings since we already know, money likes to be shared!

Each person will need to discover this delicate balance and be careful not to hoard money.

 Do You Honor Your Money Commitments?

How often do you follow through with your money commitments? Keeping “money commitments” means you keep your word when it comes to money and not change the rules as you go.

Let me explain, if you sign up for a program that has 12 monthly payments of $199.00 per month, no matter what happens you make those payments if that’s what you agreed upon. If you have alimony or child-support payments you honor those payments.

Most bail on money agreements due to fear, which is never a good idea!

Honoring your money commitments happens to be the fastest way to having more money in your life.

Regarding commitment, it’s best to start…Slow. Perhaps start with committing to saving 10% of your earned income, which benefits you in multiple ways. You will build your savings account, keep a promise to yourself and to money, learn discipline and ultimately TRUST in yourself to keep your commitments.

Whatever money arrangement you agree to, you keep! This will allow you to be more discerning when it comes to making money commitments. Money commits to those who commit to it.

 Money Isn’t Mysterious or Elusive

 Money flows due to clear and unfailing universal and scientific principles.

Famed inventor, Nikola Tesla once said, “Forget everything you know about matter, if you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of: energy frequency and vibration.”

Tesla’s statement applies to EVERYTHING in the universe, including…Money. More specifically, we attract money due to our energy frequency and vibration.

So…the REAL question is:

What energy frequency and vibration attracts money?

The energy of creativity and discipline attract money. Creativity is a feminine trait and discipline, a masculine trait.

An unbalanced approach, tapping only feminine (creativity) or only masculine (discipline) energy isn’t enough to bring home money.

Essentially, expressing both: feminine and masculine traits, tunes you into the frequency and vibration of money.

Creativity is…Inspiration Expressed

 Creativity and discipline are energies that are created within your self, first. Creativity requires you to show up, be present and create in ANY medium you choose.

Creativity is the act of expressing your inspiration. Perhaps now is a good time to ask, “What inspires you?”

Be free, expressive and let your creativity…Flow.

Discipline Gets Money’s Attention

Discipline is required to execute. Execution is follow-through, asking for the order, keeping your word to self and others. Discipline takes over when you lack motivation.

The phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race” encapsulates the meaning of the word discipline. Think about your own life, what happens when you become disciplined? Do you see changes? Do you achieve your goals and dreams? Do your creative pursuits get to “See the light of day?”

Creativity and Discipline…Bring Money Home!

 Being disciplined when it comes to your creative pursuits inspires money to beat a path to your door.

What can you do, starting right now to be more disciplined when it comes to your creative pursuits? Can you commit to spending at least 30 minutes a day on creative projects? Can you wake up an hour before everyone else in your house and work on a creative project?

Can you stay up an hour later? Can you say, “No” to distractions and “Yes” to your creative pursuits? Give it a try and let me know what happens.

In summary, money only cheats if you give it reason to by: hoarding it, fearing it, lying about it, and etc.

Money honors its commitments and will stay with you yet, requires an open relationship.

Suffice it to say, money can’t be tied down, doesn’t want to be hoarded and loves to assist those in need. The more generous you are with money, the more money will tell its friends to visit you!