How to Manifest Something From Nothing

Here is an exerpt of this article that I wrote for Huffington post

Ah manifesting… the process that allows for ideas to morph into physical, tangible, things. Simple right? Well… it could be if you know how to go about it.

However, like anything there is a learning curve, or should I say an understanding curve. I suspect if you actually understand how manifesting works, you will easily and deliberately manifest.

In this article, I debunk a few myths regarding manifesting and share truths about this fairly simple process that; for whatever reason, is often misunderstood and complicated.

I’ve given countless radio and video interviews and similar questions get asked over and over. They are: Is the process the same when it comes to manifesting all things? And…is it as easy to manifest a million dollars, as it is one dollar? Lastly, why do some things take longer to manifest than others?

Let’s start with the premise of this blog: how to manifest something from nothing. What is nothing?

Does NoThing Exist?

Nothing is “no thing” and it is impossible to have the experience of nothing. There is no such thing, as “nothing” and since nothing is non-existent, we need to turn our attention to what does exist.

Before energy takes form, an infinite number of potential outcomes and possibilities exist.
Stay with me, this is BIG… turns out; the belief in nothing is actually belief in something that hasn’t been constructed by you yet. Furthermore, all possible potential outcomes exist simultaneously, which is why it’s important to be deliberate while manifesting rather than allow manifesting to happen by default.

Is Manifesting Something You Turn On or Off?

No. Manifesting is always happening by you; all the time, whether you know it or not. You are in a constant state of manifesting, the question to ask yourself is: “do you like what you are manifesting?”
If you don’t, you have an opportunity to change what you manifest in your life. Let’s keep going.

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