Here’s how to make 2018 EPIC!

2017 was a big year of transformation and for getting on the “right path” did you feel that too?

By the right path I mean, gaining clarity on what really lights you up, energizes you, excites you and moves you to create a better life for yourself. That includes, aligning with “work” that is MEANT for you. Work that is aligned with your passion AND expertise. That combination brings abundance like nothing else. Abundance of joy, happiness, money and all GOOD that can flow to you…

December 2017 especially proved transformational (as if the entire year wasn’t enough to create tremendous change in life) so much that you might have gotten hit hard with “reality.” Reality in the form of what serves you and what doesn’t serve you.

In retrospect, the best word I can use to describe 2017 is: “RECALIBRATE.” The process of recalibration involves: tweaking, turning, and sometimes, “man handling” situations in life that need to change!

Out with the old and in with the NEW cause 2018 is the year of EXPANSION.

I hope you took advantage of that energy and allowed for the old to move out of your life. Old beliefs, behaviours, addictions, people that no longer serve your highest and best.
If not, you still have time for a little introspection to ultimately move forward in 2018. Here’s what I suggest:

New Moon January 16th

New moon’s bring in new energy to create and build what you want. I suggest, setting time aside and journaling. Specifically, journal about what you desire to release and what you desire to have grow in your life. What do you choose to expand, grow, and thrive? Putting paper to pen is powerful and the time to do so is around the new moon. What we want to expand we “plant” during the new moon.

Planting includes allowing your goals and dreams to reach deep into your psyche/subconscious mind to flower during the full moon.

Just Say NO.

For an effective recalibration to happen you must determine what to let go of and what to keep. I’ve talked a lot about how to let go, more on that here.

For now, take a look at what isn’t FULLY serving you and say no to it.

At first, that may sound harsh, but you really need to look after yourself and take better care of yourself. Saying yes to everything can leave you run down and no good for your self and others, yes?

That was my plan for 2017, I said no to ALL radio, TV and print magazine interviews. That was hard to do since I built my entire business on “putting myself out there.” I stopped EVERYTHING except for one thing and that was, speaking at events.

Early 2017 I looked at my business and realized the ONE single biggest lever in my business was speaking. Not everything else I was doing. So…I took a deep breath, created a pleasant but no thank you email that was automatically sent to every person who wanted something from me (interviews, blogs, articles, webcasts, videos and TV appearances.)

This was frightening and freeing simultaneously! Frightening because I thought I would lose my business and freeing because I had TIME to do what I wanted to do.

2017 turned out amazingly well! I doubled my business, took 17 weeks off, spent more time than ever before with family, vacationed and started really loving life again.

I ask you: What can you say NO to?

After You Say NO…Say: Yes!

2018 is entirely different energy. Let me explain…this year you will experience the energy of expansion. You will more easily expand your wealth, happiness joy and abundance on ALL levels.

To embrace expansion it will best serve you to start saying YES. I suggest only start saying YES after you get good at saying NO.

This take discernment. Discernment to KNOW what serves you best, what gives you energy, what you really, really really LOVE.

If you are unsure, take time during the next few days and discover for yourself what truly lights you up. Spoiler Alert: Look to those things that you have expertise in.

We typically excel in areas that we enjoy, yes?

After you gain clarity regarding your expertise, say YES to ALL opportunities aligned with your area of expertise and say no to everything else.

Essentially, I am saying to “GO ALL IN.” No more, toe in the water stuff, this is the time to jump into the deep end and don’t worry, you’ll quickly figure out how to navigate the waters!

If Not Now, When?

What if you don’t make any changes, where will you be
in a year?
What if you keep saying yes to everything this year like last year? What can you expect to be do and have this time next year?

I sincerely want the best for you. You can live an extraordinary life, do you know that?

Next Steps…

  • Set your “new moon intentions” over the next few days. Especially for what you desire to expand.
  • Get clear about what to say no and yes to.
  • Identify your “one thing” that you will commit to this year
  • Create your “thanks but no thanks” email to send to all those who want something from you that doesn’t align with your one thing.


More to come…
Jaden Sterling