Stop Worrying and Start Living

By Jaden Sterling As featured on top-worrying-start-living/”>OM Times

How do we stop worrying?

We’ve all been there…lying in bed awake, staring at the ceiling and worrying about things we can’t change (especially in the middle of the night). Fleeting thoughts cloud your brain and wrench your heart, “If only I said this, or have done that…”

Second-guessing actions, decisions, thoughts, words and deeds burns the counterproductive emotion of worry deep into your mind and soul. We have become a society that equates worry with love. We believe that if we worry about people, places or things then we are being helpful.

Neh Neh!

Worrying isn’t the solution, it’s the problem! Ever take an exam, participate in an athletic event or give a speech while, worried? What happened? Did you get good results or not so good results? Turns out, the MORE you worry the LESS you accomplish. Yet… we still worry, why?

Stop Worrying – It’s NOT Your Fault

Chances are you grew up with a parent who worried about you. Your parent wanted to know where you were going, who you were hanging around with, and what you were doing. You may have been annoyed by your parent’s questioning; however, deep down you probably felt loved. Now, it’s not your parent’s fault that they worried about you, since they probably didn’t know any better. And chances are, their parents probably worried about them too.

So… it’s really your grandparent’s fault! LOL… just kidding!

It’s no one’s fault why worry has become so pervasive in our culture. It is a shame that something so toxic has become a way of life for so many.

Here’s What We Know About Worry

~Worry doesn’t solve problems it makes them worse.

~Nothing good comes from it.

~Worry hijacks your dreams.

~Worry causes stress and anxiety, which leads to fatigue, weight gain, irritability, and (get ready for a technical term) nofunness.


Stop Worrying – You Deserve Better

Listen carefully please; in fact, lean in a bit so I can speak directly into your ear from atop my soapbox… thank you, that’s better. Ok, here I go… you are a child of the highest god who created you, the universe and EVERYTHING that is a part of all the stars and planets in the galaxies. You were created to live the most extraordinary life possible! You have all the tools you will ever need to make all your dreams (lofty and otherwise) come true.