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YOU Too Can Get Fired Up About YOUR FINANCES!

Up Grading your finances doesn’t have to be difficult, tedious, SCARY or boring! During this course you will learn the 4 key aspects of what it takes to have money and the role you play in this process. For most, money is a BIG & SCARY topic that most aren’t comfortable talking about.

Money affects all areas of your life and contributes to 50% of all marriages ending. 

Let’s think about this though…is it money itself that has such a huge impact or is it the lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to money, investments and how to best navigate the financial markets that is key? 

What if you had a way to become comfortable with money, to take calculated risks and to get money to work for you rather than you working for it?

Could that change your life for the better?

Good because here’s the thing…no longer do you have to be afraid of money or be in the dark when it comes to learning about money principles! 

Let’s face it…any dysfunction you have with money is partially due to what you learned growing up, what you weren’t taught in school and is based on lack of knowing how to invest your money properly. 

It’s been proven people who take an active role in their finances achieve higher rates of return on their money than people who simply ignore their finances hoping someone else will take care of it for them.

You can start taking an active role in your finances starting NOW. It’s not too late! 


During this life transformative weekend you will:

 Discover your core values 

 Learn how to invest in stocks simply and easily!

 Create multiple streams of income

 Build your own treasure map

 Turn money from a stumbling block to a building block

 Learn how to manifest ANYTHING with ease and grace.


The course is experiential which means you will be expertly guided through exercises for you to learn first hand how you hold yourself back in life and how you limit your success. The course is FUN and everyone who attends makes a significant shift, guaranteed!

Each aspect of the course is designed with you in mind to Discover, Heal and integrate new powerful methods for you to have financial freedom. A safe, supportive environment is created for you to make these powerful changes. 

YOU will feel a sense of empowerment with money that you’ve never felt before!

Learning how to work with money, making it your building block and getting it to work for you will give you a new found sense of confidence. Imagine…you feeling confident with money, what could you BE, DO or HAVE? 

You will also learn how to take your ideas and couple them with the right TOOLS to assist you to have more money. The process isn’t complicated when it comes to having money work for you however, there are SPECIFIC strategies abundant people KNOW and IMPLEMENT to have more money. YOU will learn these strategies so that you too can become a money magnet. 

Learning the 4-Key aspects of money and applying them in a course that is fun and easy will empower you to make changes to your finances quickly and easily. 

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what students have to say who have taken the course:

“I entered the Up Grade Your Finances course not expecting fun, laughter, tears or self reflection to happen. They did and lots more. I learned to trust. I made friends with people who are all on the same vibrational level. I received the tools to confidently upgrade my finances! This is truly a mind, body and soul upgrade also! I recommend this course to anyone! ~ Irma Goosen

What an amazing course! I registered thinking I would only learn about finances and how to improve them. I was happily surprised to learn more things about myself and my relationship with wealth and money. I feel richer emotionally and feel extreme optimism for abundance and wealth in my life.Thank you Jaden!


~ Sheena Denscombe Health & Body Wellness Coach 

“This course hit my reset button on finances. I learned how I was the only one holding me back. Jaden took our group through a series of eye and heart opening exercises to a level of capable competence. I recommend this course for anyone experiencing self-doubt in their abilities to master their own wealth.” ~Debra L.

A transformational experience for  more than just money matters, but for all matters of our heart. A mix of practical and tactical techniques that can be used easily regardless of previous financial knowledge or financial position. Amazing use of time and investment!” ~ Bry

“This course is amazing. I know I went through major shifts as the result of many realizations. It is not a traditional course about finances as it incorporates universal laws and principles. It is really about you and your life and creating a life of abundance. Jaden is a gentle but powerful teacher with a direct line to the universe. He creates and maintains a high level of energy throughout the course.” ~ Liz McLeish

“the most profound experience I have received from workshops. Jaden has a unique ability to allow participants to engage their essence as a whole being. Great balance between talking, videos and games.” ~ Kellie Ransom, Canada AB 


Now might just be the time for YOU to up level your finances and learn how to play with money so more comes to you! If so, trust your gut and take this opportunity to enroll in a course that could easily transform not only, the money in your life but also your belief about money and how to have more.

So…Imagine, what your life will be like when YOU start looking at earning money as Easy and not difficult. 

Would your life be more fun, easy and more joyful!?

It can be and starting with this course you can experience the most significant Up Grade to your finances than ever before.  12688309_1113399822026337_1069159521126869531_n 


Join us for this amazing transformative weekend. 

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I’m looking forward to assisting you to have your own breakthrough when it comes to having abundance and money in your life. 

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I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2016!


All my best,


Jaden Sterling

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