Love Is The Answer

Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018 10:00 am MST

There’s an acceleration into this next phase which the guides are describing as “in to the light”.
Everything is moving forward. There is a refining and polishing up that is happening.

You Are a Bright Light
There’s moving forward – confidence, assuredly, assisting those that need assistance and are open to it. This is a very powerful time energetically. Explosions happening in a good way. Think of fireworks illuminating the sky. Bursting. That firework travels a distance to reach the sky, and at the right time it bursts open. Similar things are happening for you. For each person who is awake and conscious and aware. Their light will burst in the sky in the best possible way. They must endure the travelling of the distance from the ground up. The moving through their days with utter confidence, complete faith in what is unfolding.

Assistance is Available to YOU
Assistance is available for all those on earth, now more than ever. Think of someone – an entity, a being, an invisible being, invisible to the physical eyes yet materially available for those who can feel into it and see with the third eye.

Each person is given a guide who is standing next to them. Guiding them, literally showing them the way, if they are awake and aware. Many are numb, sleepwalking through life, not able to feel the assistance or the guidance. Frustrated and angry that there is none, saying that there is none (assistance or guidance), pleading “please help me”. Many suffer needlessly. Some is for their karmic path, for the path that they set out to wrong, to clear their karmic debts, to right any wrongs that they previously experienced in previous carnations. Those wrongs must be accounted for in order to move forward, in this powerful energy.

Forgiveness is a Gift for YOU
Self-forgiveness, forgiveness of others, is key during this time. Many who have done their work are experiencing a heart-opening, and opening to future dimensions, but here in the now to be able to access this energy that is available to most, future oriented, yet to some now in the present moment.

The Future is NOW
It’s as if they’re living in the future in the present. Finely tune your energy with that vibration. Faith plays a big part in this, meditation, visualization – in that order. Know, feel, see – yourself walking through this current time with purpose, power, presence.

Focus is key. Focusing in the moment on a singular task with a specific outcome.

There will always be ups and downs. In the downs, continue to look up. In the up times, continue to look at what’s in front of you, see into the front of you. A view is presented, pictures and images, feelings, knowing, that will give clarity for the next step of the direction you must go. Remain light-footed and nimble at this time. Joy is there for the taking.

Peace on Earth
In a dynamic changing world, this moment, there is much peace on earth. Feeling into this energy, embodying it, embracing it, expanding it, will serve you. This is a day of atonement. Many are cleansed for their sins today.

New Beginnings…
Many feel that today is a way to start over, a new beginning. There’s hope in their heart. We (guides) love days like today. We feel the earth energies. The measurement of love today around the planet is big. For those living on earth, connecting with loved ones, feeling hopeful. Today is literally a new paradigm, a shifting from the old. The falling away of the old, bringing in of the new. Illumination.

Love Is the Answer
You are on track. Stay focussed and disciplined and open. Open-hearted. Follow the love. Love for what we do. Love for those who seek it. Love for self. It is time for the entire planet to feel love. Self-love rather than self-loathing. A deep, powerful love. It is available to all who seek it, who desire it, who wish for it in their life. It may appear as many are on multiple different journeys, but we’re all on the same path.

Love Bubble Meditation
The path of love and illumination. We surround you in a pink bubble. Feel the love energy from this bubble. It’s placed above you and around you to connect in with all chakras, all aspects of you. Notice the size of the bubble, notice the colour, the energy from it. Notice how you feel in it. (Breathe). In this bubble, ask your cells to shift. For the mitochondria to grow and expand, to overtake the weak. To contribute to the strong, healthy, those cells that will give your physical body the energy to move through this time with ease and grace, the power and presence, purpose. Feel the vibration within the bubble, the wave lengths of energy flowing through you, moving through you (breathe)…
At any time you can surround yourself with this pink bubble, to relax, to rejuvenate your cells, realign with your purpose, reimagine what is possible. Move through this time with ease, knowing you are fully supported, all is well. We (guides) are here for you, whenever you need us. Call upon us. Seek the guidance then follow it, trust in it.
And so it is.

~ The One Voice via Jaden Sterling