Channel October 10, 2016 British Columbia with Jaden Sterling: Life’s Obstacles

The energy of “All That IS, steps forward. Feeling overwhelmed with love light and warmth. Like a combination of healing, loving energy that’s enveloping us. There are no words, just feelings. Warmth, compassion, love, support. Helping us wake up to knowing that all is an illusion; that we create our reality with our view.

The eyes at which we look at the world. Each person looks through different eyes; experiences a different reality. The biggest challenge is for people to understand that. People can begin to change that by taking more responsibility for their actions; for the good and the bad that happen to them.

For acknowledging and noticing how they’re calling these opportunities; these experiences, and they create them. It’s not even a co-creation; it’s a very deliberate system process that people begin with and the universe just falls into place.

Key is to get out of the thought—process and into the physical body. Align with the energies in the physical body; the guidance from within, and connect out to spirit.

Spirit is the one who delivers what’s on your heart and takes those messages to the universe for fulfilment. Processing the order. And if that thing does not exist for people, then something better does, and that is what is delivered.

There’s an attunement to high energies that the higher self is connected with. Not the mental self or the emotional self, but the higher self is attuned to what is best. The spirit and the soul’s journey. The spirit is what keeps one on track. On the track that is laid out ahead of time. That is chosen by the soul before incarnation.

People are overwhelmed on the Earthly Plane. Confused, scared, frustrated. Too many things; too many options. There’s great power in focus. Focus on what the heart desires, and do not deviate from that focus. And then intend to receive the heart’s desire as easily, joyfully, gracefully as possible. That is the desire of the universe to deliver with ease and grace.

Conscious thinking minds; ego gets involved and the system changes. Humans veer off-track. This is why the lessons come. In difficult manner; in a challenging manner; in a frustrating manner. That is not the way of spirit. Marvel at what unfolds. Make an allowance for what unfolds. And easily, joyfully receive what is available to you, but you must ask. Not enough people ask; too many complain. There is great power in asking and in trusting in the delivery process. Everything comes in the same way; everything is energy. Physical form manifest when there is a blending of energies to an attunement. Let these energies meld into solid state. Much happens—much happens to the physical manifestation of one’s desires. It’s a complex process.

Multi-dimensional; multi-stages. Quite different than what most think. One must relax through this process. Ask, let go, relax, receive. Let go of the wish; the heart’s desire, and simply let go. Allow it for the receiving. In whatever form or fashion.

Receive on multi-levels, energetically. Open up to that process. That is the allowance. Calling forth that thing, the very thing that you desire.

Much happens in the upper chakras. The crown chakra and beyond the twelfth chakra. It’s the connection with the dimension. That manifestation begins. As you let go of your heart’s desires, allow them to move up through the chakras; through the multi-dimensions in other realms. The energy above the head in the upper chakras needs to be opened. The more open, the easier it is to receive your heart’s desire.

As above, so below. The crystallization; the materialization happens in the above regions as well as in the earth. The energies connect from both dimensions: upper and lower. Lower being earthly dimension: Earth. Upper being non-physical: Realms.

The energies connect in and form a circular motion. As above, connecting in; circling back down into the energies of the earth for anchoring desires in the physical form. The process is easy when there’s an allowance and understanding of what takes place.

The challenge is that this is not a human process; this is a spiritual, soulful process. Spirit lends a hand. Spirit is the order-taker and the deliverer of that order into the other dimensions. It happens very quickly; with ease. Like a blink of an eye. Rapid speed as each person is constantly wishing and wanting and wondering how to get what they desire.

So, what you desire can come when there’s a clear understanding of that process. Move those things away that stop the process. Make way; clear the energies above and below. Make time for connection, and focus.

The longer the connection, the easier the desire manifests. Keep that on your heart. Don’t jump from thing to thing to thing. Stay with whatever it is that you desire. Remain steadfast.

The universe is transpiring in your favor; you must always remember that. There’s one thing to work on: it’s increasing the strength of the connection. The mind, body, spirit within. When you go within, with a very strong connection, you never go without. You’ll be satiated on all levels: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, energetically. All levels.

It’s not a matter of moving mountains; it’s a matter of working with the energy of the mountain. Humans work so hard at eliminating and moving things, but it’s the hard way. Work with the energies as a dance, like the tango.

Dance with the energies of what is presented in front of you, that is causing you stress strain and struggle. Too many try to eliminate these. To move them; clear them; eliminate them.

We say there is a better way. Work with them.

They are there for a reason: to assist you. Feel into the energies of what is in front of you; of what causes you frustration or stress or strain. Feeling into the process allows for the process to unfold; for the energies to shift and transform.

For the energies to align to what you truly desire, and then that mountain dissolves and disappears, and in its place is a path. A clearly defined path for you to continue on until the next mountain appears for you to dance with. For you to work with the energies.

There is no elimination; there is simply changing the energy. Transforming the energy to work with you; to seeing it in a different way; to embrace each mountain ahead of you. You will soon forget the work that’s involved as you transform and grow when you reach the other side of that mountain. As you simply move through the mountain and continue on your path.

One cannot lose sight of the gift from the mountain or the perceived obstacle. It is truly a gift to work through; to connect energetically with and to use that energy. When that is complete, there is a feeling of well-being. Of joy; of ease and grace. And after one time, having done that, you will feel as if there isn’t anything you can’t do, be or have. The key is to work with the energies.

Ganesha shows us to transform; to transmute the energy. Ganesha assists with that. Work with Ganesha to transform the energies of that obstacle in front of you.

And so it is.

~ All That IS via Jaden Sterling