The New Economy Part 4: Creativity and Knowing


by Jaden Sterling & Team

It’s a wonderful time of year to prepare for the New Economy that is unfolding.

Funny how life is though…I thought I would be writing this week about creativity and knowing. However, when I checked in with my higher guidance this morning, I was led to share something completely different.

For those who know me, I ALWAYS trust what comes through me and wish to share with you what my Team said.

“Greetings to all, we celebrate this time with you. This is a wonderful time for family, celebration and joy. This week you will find yourself feeling nostalgic for what brings love and joy.

Hearts over flow and more random acts of kindness will envelope your precious earth. As you stretch your heart to flow love and good tidings you will over flow with a warmth and joy never felt before.

We celebrate the awaking of your planet’s inhabitants. Yes! Many are awakening at this incredible time of change. Awakening to the new that is coming forward to sustain your beautiful souls from the inside out.

Many are feeling the call for more … love, joy, happiness, strength, compassion, and understanding for one another. Understanding you are all ONE connected through your hearts.

We see those in power wanting to divide earth’s inhabitants. A divided populace is a weak populace for certain. When hearts connect there can be no division. We wish for all to be strong during this time. Strength comes from allowing one’s vulnerability to shine through. Weakness comes from fear. You are NOT weak!

Enlightened Ones, you have the power of the all mighty universe coursing through your veins. What else do you need? Your power is exhibited by your outstretched hands and heart, lifting up those who have less than you. Those who find themselves displaced, wrongly accused and neglected during this time need your support and love.

Trust your heart when it comes to all matters and listen to your inner voice above all else.

When it comes to your brothers and sisters, send loving thoughts, kind gestures and acts of love with intention will heal many. Healing needs to happen during this time and can!

Why not consider starting with self? Healing self can happen easily during this time. You are given powerful energy that SUPPORTS self-healing. Ask more of your body, say, “heal” and open to the healing energy given from the sun, moon and stars that surround you and support you.


Trust and KNOW this time things are different. The energy presented to you now is unprecedented. Do not squander, ignore or forget all that exists for you in support of your growth.

You will grow beyond where you’ve gone in previous attempts. Previously, you’ve asked, “Show me proof before I trust.” Dear One’s this is your opportunity NOW to trust what you KNOW to be true. No need to ask for proof before taking action with what your heart is guiding you to.

You KNOW what is deep within and NOW we give you all you need to bring forward and make manifest that which is within.

Your time has come. Your time is now. For those wanting a sign or signal…allow for this to be your signal. You are reading this now for a reason. You were brought this writing to show you and to remind your higher self of your divine agreement.

Before incarnating you agreed that during this time you would: shine your light, move forward with faith, trust in All That Is, create with all your heart and be authentically you. To show up with the most passion, creativity and love you have during this time.

Be an inspiration to those around you during this incredible time. Inspire others to shine their light, to share their inner gifts, to give with abandon and love beyond measure.

All that is given will be returned 100 fold. You simply only need to open your heart, trust and love one another as if they are your sister and brother. Each person you encounter reflects your willingness to share of yourself.

No need for sibling rivalry, this is your time to love your brothers and sisters. Give what is needed, share what you have, and be the change you seek in others.

This week is pivotal in your experience going forward. As you seek to upgrade self, you up grade those around you and inspire others to do the same.

We honor each of you and admire your strength and spirit. We see what you go through and wish for each of you to simply allow all to pass by as the winds of change blow through.

We give you many bright lights to reflect your inner brilliance. One such bright light is stepping forward during this time and we sing his praises during each of his performances.

His name is Jordan Smith, enjoy his version of Hallelujah:


As each of you step into your divine gifts, we sing your praises and lift you up in support and love.

Your team is with you…connection with them happens in your heart, fear not loved ones, you have assistance to: Be, Do and Have anything you desire during this time, all you need to do is ASK.

Ask, Allow and take guided Action. Your team is always showing you the next steps and does so through your…feelings. What are you feeling guided to BE, DO or HAVE during this time?

Trust all that comes to you. No longer is second-guessing needed, rather ACTION is needed for all to unfold for you and your brothers’ and sisters’ highest best.


Change is NEW and is upon you NOW. Question is: “Will you make the most of it?”


The One Voice


As previously said, “When it comes to your brothers and sisters, send loving thoughts, kind gestures and acts of love with intention will heal many. Healing needs to happen during this time and can!”

I encourage you to take a few minutes each day and think of how the world can change for the better. If enough of us join together, collectively sharing our energy and good thoughts we can surely make this world a better place!

Enjoy this incredible week of connecting with self and one another.

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All my best,


Jaden Sterling