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Your Business Has a Soul…Let’s Discover How It Can Guide You And Assist You When you incorporate, or establish a Sole Proprietorship, you create more than just a business—you create … A Soul

Your Business Soul knows your challenges and because of its higher perspective can assist you and Guide you along your path. Your business soul knows your hearts desires and when called upon will answer your questions and give you guidance.

Business is challenging but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Business Soul Readings are focused entirely on:

  1. Your business
  2. Where you are now and
  3. How to successfully navigate to where you want to go.

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Over the years, I’ve given hundreds of Business Soul Readings, and no two readings are the same. The following are just a few ways your Business Soul can guide you:

  • Create New Income Streams
  • Find New Markets For Your Business
  • Discover Your Target Audience
  • Develop New Products and Services
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Earn More Money
  • Navigate Partnerships Easily
  • Expand Your Business Model
  • Build an Integral Based Business to Better You, Your Clients and Community
  • Much More!

Easily cut through all the noise and confusion in life and business when you discover what your Business Soul wants you to know.   “I had the extreme pleasure of speaking with Jaden Sterling.The insights and ideas that flowed during our conversation were powerful, Divinely inspired, and have launched me to the next level in my business.

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Jaden has a clear connection and is walking in his true calling. I am truly grateful for the gift of Jaden Sterling in my life. If you are looking for that extra lift in your business I strongly recommend Jaden.”

~ Paula Hopwood , Author and Inspirational Speaker


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“I want to give a HUGE, loving shout-out to Jaden. His work as a business intuitive and his business soul readings are amazing. Work like this is needed in the world — and while it can be triggering or scary to step into the unknown, it can also give you incredible clarity on your path and whether you’re moving in the right or wrong direction. If you haven’t experienced his work, I highly encourage you to hire him and experience his genius. You won’t be disappointed!” Lisa Marie Platske President/CEO at Upside Thinking


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“Jaden ‘s Business Soul Reading was powerful and transformational. I was surprised by how “seen” I felt, in just a short time. Jaden’s reading helped me to recognize why I’ve been struggling, and provided insights for moving forward more powerfully as a business – and personally. I am excited to implement the ideas and ah hah moments that were generated, and to step into who I am. “

~ Annemarie Shrouder, Diveristy & Inclusion Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant

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“Just got off the phone with Jaden Sterling – he does amazing Business Soul Readings – wow!!! He opened my world up to a brand new market that I have left untapped. Plus he gave me permission to raise my fee and created a brand new keynote message: ‘Ignite the Fire Within’ – Thx Jaden, you’re amazing at what you do!!! I highly recommend him to all my friends.”

~ Kelly Falardeau,

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker/Bestselling Author


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“I had the honour and privilege of experiencing the work of Jaden Sterling during a Business Soul Reading. His insight and wisdom are invaluable. He was right on point and gave me very clear guidance and direction on the heart and spirit of my life’s work. Jaden’s honestly and forthrightness, both positive and constructive opened my eyes wider and gave me the boost I needed to take my business in the direction the universe is clearly showing me. Jaden offers a unique perspective and clear voice for both affirmation and guidance. Thank you Jaden Sterling!” ~ Michal Ofer, Digestive Expert, Nutritional Consultant

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“My time with Jaden was a true gift and came at the perfect time in my life. His intuitive ability provided clarity and supported the final pieces of my business puzzle to be completed. He not only validated my thoughts but allowed me to begin trusting my own gut instinct in both my business and life. I am excited and confident to move forward with the insight I gained with him. Thank you for sharing your talent; I’m eternally grateful.”

Evana Valle, Speaker, trainer and coach-



Business Soul Reading – Simple: 30-minutes $197 USD

A power packed session providing detailed answers to 2 questions concerning your: • Message

  • Focus
  • Vision
  • Clarity
  • Peace of MindClick here to schedule an appointment

Business Soul Reading – Profound: 60-minutes $397USD

A deep dive into 3 questions that include:

  • Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Branding, Marketing, Product & Service Development
  • Partnerships
  • New Income Opportunities                                                                                                                          Click here to schedule your 60 minute appointment
Business Soul Coaching: Intensive 90-minute $497 USD

An intensive session – focusing on your business, goals and challenges, and how to expertly navigate all easily and quickly!

This session is ideal for you to:

  • Identify your money blocks and clear them
  • Discover your deeper purpose and what you are here to do
  • Create multiple income streams
  • Partners and Affiliates, how to navigate them successfully
  • Where to go to raise money for expansion
  • What it will take to get your business to the next level
  • You tell Jaden what you desire to achieve and we let the Business Soul take overand expertly guide you to the fastest way to achieve your goals.Click Here to schedule your 90 minute session

Disclaimer: Jaden’s calendar fills up fast, if there are no appointments available when you click the link please check back. Please do not email us through Facebook or call the office to book an appointment; you will not get in any faster that way. Please go through our calendar to book your appointment. Payment must be received in advance of your appointment.

Cancellation Policy: If more than 24 hours notice is given you may reschedule your appointment via our calendar booking system for no cost. If less than 24 hours notice is given you will forfeit your appointment and payment.

Thank you for understanding!

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Team Sterling

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