Are you UP for 2016? by Jaden Sterling

Are you UP for 2016?

Happy New Year and boy, what a year it’s going to be!

Hopefully at the start of the New Year, you’ve taken some time to evaluate what you desire to experience in the coming year.

If you haven’t sat with paper and pen yet, it’s ok. You still have time, it’s early in the New Year and during the holidays there’s always lots going on.

Perhaps this week you can set aside time to reflect on what you enjoyed in 2015 and what you desire to accomplish for 2016.

Asking and journaling, what you enjoyed about 2015 will bring closure to the year and hopefully fond memories to capture in your journal.

Then we shift to this year…2016 and all the opportunities that abound!


Woo Hoo…the energy is ripe for amazing things to unfold for you this year. You will find (if you haven’t already) the things you tried to complete last year will get accomplished THIS year!



2016 offers you the path to better health, more joy, and abundance of energy, more money and all that is good for you!


Finally, we have what feels like the “wind to our back” or “the wind beneath our wings” to fly free and far!


This energy is strong right NOW and is ideal to make better choices for yourself since you finally have support from the universe to make changes easily and effortlessly.


The Day of Activation


As mentioned in my blog: December 26th is the day of Activation as found HERE.

You have most likely experienced change since then. The last week has been difficult and challenging to say the least!


Relationships are being tested, misunderstandings abound, and addiction has reared its ugly head.


However, there is also a flip side to all the madness and that is PROGRESS.


Have you noticed that more things are getting ticked off the To Do list at a rapid pace?


Have you experienced solutions easily lining up to previously challenging situations?


Have you felt an opening where there was previously none?


Surely, you are feeling some shifts right now…


3 UP’S For 2016:


If you aren’t feeling the positive energy and easy shifts taking place now perhaps a look at what you are bringing to situations is in order?

Simply put: Your energy and enthusiasm that you bring to a situation determines the outcome.

Prior to any situation or encounter with people remember this one simple phrase:

Be Up!

Which basically means…get your positivity on, it’s infectious and inspiring to those around you.


Step UP

Are you ready to step UP to your purpose this year and to what you are fully capable of? If you said, “No” I ask you…then when?

Right now is your opportunity to step UP to your greatness and create something amazing with your life! Perhaps you are being called to start a passion-based business, create new products, move to another state, start a new job, say yes to a date, or finally get your health in order.

NOW is the time and it’s up to you to STEP UP and say, YES to change!

After you Step UP you must then:


Show Up


Which is a combination of the first two UP’S: Meaning, bring your enthusiastic self (BE Up) to each situation that requires you to Step Up.


2016 is not the year for hiding out, living small, not expressing yourself, and not taking risks…nay nay!


2016 is quite the opposite…offering you assistance and energy for you to finally start that business you’ve always wanted to, to make that quantum leap in your life, to move past fear and to step into your greatness!


My friend, this is your year if you decide it is!


This year you will accomplish more than you have the previous three years combined, I’m sure of it.


Accelerate Your Success


If a small part of you resonates with what I’ve written than chances are you ARE ready to make a quantum leap in your life and I would love to assist you in the process.


Here’s how we can play together.


I’m starting a group-coaching program, next Tuesday called, “Accelerate Your Success.” Specifically for entrepreneurs who desire to create a business from what you are truly passionate about.


Perhaps you are a healer, coach, artist, energy worker or light worker who is ready to start your business or make a quantum leap in your established business.


Accelerate Your Success program will assist you to accomplish in 6 short months what would normally take years on your own.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.47.10 PM

Let’s connect via phone to see if the program is a good fit for you.


I only have 3 spots open since I keep classes small to provide you maximum benefit.

To schedule a call with me please visit my calendar at:


Oh and one last thing… In addition to 2 live coaching calls a month (where you get all your questions answered) the program offers you an accountability partner PLUS a mentor who is a graduate from last years program, pretty cool right?


Which means, you’ll have everything you need to succeed!


You’re worth it…lets connect and get you on track to having the most amazing year ever!


Yes, I’m interested in talking with you further about Accelerate Your Success Group coaching program!


Have a great week!