What Have You Done With Your Activation?

Last year we were guided to become a NEW and improved version of ourselves…starting December 26th.…The day of activation. You can read more about that HERE http://conta.cc/21d9Vln.

Change has come for all…and for many; change hasn’t come easily. Have you noticed this truth…the greater our need for change the more challenging the process?


During this month of January, you have experienced…change, growth and progress.

For progress there is always a price. The price is: What are you giving up to achieve more?

If you’ve been following your inner promptings and trusted the guidance you’ve been receiving to make changes, you have come a long way! Look back to the beginning of this year, 4 short weeks ago and take notice of what has improved in your life.

Improvements in ALL Areas

Are you taking better care of yourself, eating healthier and exercising? Are you in a routine of balancing your work life with your personal life? Are you carving out time daily for: Reflection, Renewal, Relaxation and Gratitude?

Perhaps you haven’t incorporated RRRG into your daily routine, no worries, it’s only the start of the year. Yet, to harness the power of this incredible time it’s essential to adopt a new routine…read on.


New Routine Brings About Change EASILY

A healthier routine is in order to continue to solidify change. What is routine becomes automatic and anything you do automatically is way easier than having to exert effort. I’m sure you know; or at the very least, feel what I’m saying.


Early on, while forming new habits things might feel…clunky. Clunky…because the behavior is new and unfamiliar. You know what I mean when you attempt to awaken earlier than your usual time. The alarm clock rings and every part of you wants to hit the snooze button…twice.


Then you remind yourself, “I promised I would wake up earlier” and you drag yourself out of bed. The first few weeks are challenging to say the least, every part of you is screaming, “What are you doing? We don’t wake up this early, how about a little more sleep?” Thus, the inner battle begins: do you wake up or stay asleep?


Each time you choose to get out of bed, it makes getting up the following morning easier, especially when your body stops fighting with you and embraces your new morning time routine.


Your Environment is KEY For Change

If you still struggle with incorporating healthy changes to form new routines, consider changing aspects of your environment. For example, if you wake up early to go to the gym, put your clothes out the night before, in the bathroom where you see them first thing. Your gym clothes will serve as a reminder of why you are up early, putting them on right away will assist you to get your butt out the door and to the gym.

Furthermore, have your gym bag packed including water bottle, workout gloves and towel ready and waiting by the front door. The easier you make the process of forming new habits the better.

If waking up early is a challenge, decide the night before to: turn on your bedside lamp BEFORE you turn your alarm off. It’s easier to get out of bed and not go back to sleep with the light on.

The less thought given (in the moment) to forming and creating a new habit the easier it is to change behavior. When behavior becomes automatic and routine you won’t have to give any mental energy to the process and that’s when your new behavior becomes…habit.


Ask Your Body to Assist You in Forming New Habits

In the spirit of full disclosure, late last year I became sick and tired of being overweight, feeling sluggish and not being able to walk up stairs without my knees hurting so bad I had to take a break half way up most sets of stairs. I felt the inflammation in my body as my joints hurt and my waistline swelled past “muffin top” stage.

I grew increasingly uncomfortable with being controlled by food and I needed help. So, I turned to my most trusted ally…my body and asked for help.

The conversation last November; went something like this: “Body please assist me to heal my addiction to sugar and carbs for good.” Nothing happened for a few weeks then, one morning mid December I woke up with itchy, flaky, red burning lips. I wasn’t sure what was happening, nor did I make the connection right away with asking my body for assistance.

I quickly started researching my symptoms and realized I had Candida. My body finally tipped over from all the gluten, carbs and sugar I had ingested. Literally over night, I had to give up carbs, sugar, gluten, and dairy and all right before the holidays.

Soon I realized my body was assisting me to heal the inflammation and overcome my addiction. The first 10 days were brutal to say the least. However, things got easier and my craving for sugar, carbs and dairy went away.

The results I’ve received from asking my body to help me has been AMAZING. I lost weight, feel better, eliminated postnasal drip, my eyes are clear and my skin is too. I feel lighter, stronger and happier.

I’m in awe of the body’s ability to solve problems when asked to.

However, don’t just take my word that your body can assist you with making changes; give it a try and see for yourself. The process is simple…


Your Body Awaits Your Command

Be clear about what you desire to achieve and then ask your body to help you. I was clear with my ASK: Help me eliminate sugar and carb cravings and to drop my muffin top.

I’ve learned along the way to fully trust what my body does when I ask for assistance. I KNEW nothing crazy would happen like developing disease. My belief is, my body is highly efficient in delivering on what I ask of it and therefor, it always figures out a way to deliver results quickly and easily.

Furthermore, during the two weeks it took for my body to produce the candida breakout, I also visualized what I desired to feel and look like, knowing it was my eating habits that were getting in the way of achieving my goals.


Give it a try. Take a moment and think of something you would like to see change in your body.


Once clear, simply speak the request out loud or to silently to yourself and then wait to see what happens.


Oh and please email me your results. J


Your Inner Genie…


The body reminds me of a genie ready and willing to give you what you desire, all you have to do is ASK.

Recently, I mentioned to my Naturopath that I asked my body to assist me to remove my food addiction and to heal inflammation in my body; he started laughing and then started taking notes as to how I did this.

I asked him if he’s ever heard of people doing what I did and he replied: “No” which is exactly why I’m sharing this experience with you and hope you will forward this email to friends and family so they too can learn to do the same.

Your Body Can Do More Than Heal; it Can Build Your Business Too.

Many have been reading my work for years knowing full well I teach in the area of success, specifically related to business development and money.

Although I shared a very personal story with you about my physical body, I also want to share how you can make HUGE changes to your finances and level of achievement by asking your: Mind Body and Spirit to assist you.

The process is very much the same as the example above:

  • Get clear about what you desire to experience
  • Visualize already having achieved the desired experience
  • Ask your mind body and spirit to assist you
  • Let it go, by trusting yourself to deliver the goods
  • Watch to see what shows up for you
  • Act on inspired guidance

If your interest is to broaden your business, simply ask yourself and the universe to create new opportunities for you.

If your interest is to increase your bank account, ask yourself and the universe to show you ways to accomplish this goal. You might be drawn to invest in certain stocks or in certain market segments. Trust the guidance and then act on it.

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Have a great week!


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