16-Inches is the Longest Journey.

During the course of daily life, we are faced with a series of choices. Each choice comes with its own consequences, some lasting longer than others. Choices made out of fear or desperation will lead you to reacting from your head rather than leading with your heart.

When responding out of fear can cause you to say and do things you will surely regret. Always have a plan in place to nip fear in the bud when you feel it start to bubble up. This will serve you well.

The distance from your head to your heart is only 16 inches and it will be the longest journey you ever take in your life yet…the most worthwhile one.

Making choices from your heart creates an opening for your true self to spread its message by example to others. When others see you acting bravely, giving generously, loving deeply, crying openly, lifting another up, and being of service to others it inspires them to make similar choices that lead to worthwhile pursuits.

Worthwhile pursuits include: allowing for the creative dreams inside of you to see the light of day, striving for greatness and learning from failure along the way.

Invest your most precious resource – time! – wisely since you can never get it back.

Love people and use money, not the other way around.

A smile is free yet is gold to the recipient.

Trust yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt always and in all ways, doing so gives you the freedom to flourish at the game called, life.

Remember your God-given toolset as you journey along your path: mind body and spirit and use each to its full potential.

Money comes to those who are its ally. Use it wisely, spend sparingly, invest in yourself, generously. Money can be a wise and patient teacher to those who are ready to learn more about themselves. It knows when you are ready to receive it — then it comes.

It doesn’t take money to make money, it takes vision.

Money’s energy is a combination of creativity and discipline. When you allow for your feminine creative energy to flow and are disciplined in your approach you will surely be blessed with an abundance of money.

Feeling blessed and grateful leads to more things in life to feel grateful for. Gratitude, love and joy are energies of the highest magnitude and can bring form to whatever you envision.

Belief is powerful, yet knowing is essential for you to manifest a life of your choosing. What you know to be true happens for you.

Always and in all ways, pursue your inner calling with faith, trust and hope, for these create a strong foundation for your purpose to take hold.

And lastly, trust your inner guidance system; it will never lead you astray.